Here is a sample of some of the quilts I've made over the past couple of years.  I hope you enjoy looking through them.

Quilt:  Jewel Box
Fabric: Bliss by Bonnie and Camille
About:  This is a quilt that I put together as part of a Jacob's Ladder workshop that we held.  I love how this block will throw up a completely different quilt depending on which way you rotate the block or by changing the position of the light and dark values in the block.  It's a shape shifter and I love that quality in a quilt.

Quilt:  Tipperary
Fabrics:  Park Avenue by 3 Sisters for Moda
About:  I designed this quilt around the Rocky Road to Dublin Block and it was published in Australian Patchwork and Quilting Vol 21 No 11.

Quilt:  Briar Rose
Fabrics:  Strawberry Fields
About:  This quilt was adapted from the Missouri Star You Tube Tutorial.  It features the Arkansas Crossroads block and you can download a free pattern for it here.

Quilt:  Lincoln
Fabrics:  A variety of Reds and Neutrals - many of the fabrics are French General.
About:  I designed this quilt for Australian Homespun and the pattern for it can be found in their No Vol edition.

Quilt: Galette
Fabrics:  Patisserie by Fig Tree and Co
About: I designed this quilt for Homespun magazine and it was featured in their No 83 Vol 11.4 edition.

Quilt: Northern Lights
Size: Ginormous!
Pattern: 4OT by Miss Rosie's Quilt Co.
Fabrics: Heritage for a Cause by Howard Marcus
About:  I love Carrie Nelson's patterns and this was the second one of hers that I made.  It is quilted in a gorgeous all over feather pattern and looks very olde world.  

Quilt: Country Belles
Pattern: This quilt was a family effort.  My Nana embroidered the crinoline ladies, I pieced it and my Mum quilted it.  We entered it in the SA Quilt Guild show and this is us standing in front of it at the show.

Quilt:  Ain't No Mountain High Enough
Pattern:  A chevron pattern that I designed myself.  You can download the tutorial for it here.
Story:  I made this for my friend Alex's first baby.  I blogged about it here.

Quilt:  1901
Pattern:  1901 - I designed this quilt for Homespun Magazine and it was published in issue 92 Vol 12.1
Story:  For this quilt I set myself a little challenge to make a star quilt with a layer cake and a charm pack.  The name comes from Frasier Crane's appartment - no. 1901.  I used to watch Frasier obsessively while sewing.

Quilt:  Jane Says
Pattern:  Jane Says.  I designed this quilt for our Wallaroo Retreat in 2010.  It is made using a Jelly Roll and you can read about it here if you like.

Quilt:  Scarlett's Stars
Pattern:  Jake's Stars by Carolyn Konig.
Story:  The original pattern was for a cot quilt and I wanted to make it for my baby.  By the time I got around to finishing it my baby was in a big girl bed, so I added some sashing and a border and...problem solvered!

Quilt:  String Quilt
Pattern: I had seen heaps of tutorials for this quilt that used paper as a foundation, but I didn't fancy tearing away all of those papers so I used calico as a foundation instead.  I love this quilt - it's my go to quilt when I want to snuggle and watch TV.

Quilt:  Ethan's Carpenter's Star
Pattern:  Debbie Maddy's Carpenter's Star pattern resized to fit a cot.
Story:  I made this quilt for my baby boy.  You can read about it here.

Quilt:  Chocolate Box
Pattern:  Open Day by Miss Rosie's Quilt Co.
Story:  This was one of the earliest quilts I made.  I am so glad I came across Carrie Nelson's pattern - her pattens are so well written and I learnt so much from it.  Not least how to make flying geese! 

Quilt:  Disappearing nine patch
Story:  Again, this is one of the earliest quilts I completed.  It is made from a few Blackbird Designs charm packs.  I still love it!  It's a snuggly favourite.


  1. Sometimes I have to giggle when I begin searching the web for a specific pattern and find that it leads me down a delightful path I never expected to venture. Months ago I saved a pattern search on eBay for "Briar Rose Quilt Pattern," but it never turned up any results. Just before I deleted the search I tried to remember what pattern "Briar Rose" was, but couldn't; I knew it surely must be something spectacular for me to have set it up to notify me when it became available. I found your fun blog by performing a Google Image search for Briar Rose Quilt Pattern. I enjoyed reading your blog and becoming inspired by your quilts for hours today. Thank you for sharing your passion and love for quilting. You are amazing and so inspiring.

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  3. your patterns and tutorials are amazing! I'm new to quilting, and so excited to try some of these! :)

  4. I love your Summer at the Beach quilt and I am looking forward to making one! Thanks

  5. The Quilts are beautiful. Followed a link on Facebook...glad I did.


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