Saturday, July 7, 2012

Where I Sew, or The Room That Ikea Built

Late last year we moved from our small  house (or snuggy as Scarlett called it) to a larger, less snuggy home.  One of the reasons behind our move, other than the fact that we could no longer move, was for the kids and I to have our own space.  Although it is not quite finished I thought I'd join in with "Where I Sew" month at Pink Chalk Studios and show you where the magic happens.

This post is going to be heavy on the photos and Ikea, if you're reading this, I will accept sponsorship.

This is my sewing area, with me on one side of the table and the kids on the other.  The table is a Vika Curry in birch and the filing cabinet which houses all of the kids' craft stuff is a Hemler.  My chair is an Ingolf and the kids have matching Ingolf junior chairs.

The shelves above the table are also from Ikea but I can't remember which ones they are.  The wee canvas of the Jessie Wheeler Wilcox painting was a present from my friend Robbie and the love-heart wreath from another friend, Kellie.


 I love this alphabet poster - it was Cavallini and Co wrapping paper that I glued to a piece of cardboard and whacked in a frame from - you guessed it - Ikea!

This large Billy Bookshelf with glass doors houses my stash and all of my notions etc.  I recently changed over from large storage tubs to these smaller 5L containers from Kmart.  I find that the larger the tub, the more inclined I am to just shove everything in haphazardly.  My new system is much more organised (this week anyway!)

My Kmart containers seem to hold all I need, and I gussied them up by taping some scrapbooking paper to the inside to create a background for me to label them using a whiteboard marker.


Ikea have also got us sorted when it comes to storing the kids' stuff too.  This Trofast unit stores everything from Barbies to blocks to play dough.  And because everything has its place it's really easy to tidy up.  

Another view of the Trofast with the pin board I blogged about here hanging above it.

This is the view from my sewing table.  I love me a TV show and I am so lucky to have a generous Mum who gave me the old TV from her longarm studio.  It has an inbuilt DVD player so I can crank out the shows I love while I am pushing endless HSTs through the sewing machine.   Underneath the telly is an Expedit unit housing mainly baby toys so that Ethan can get reach what he wants to play with . 

So there you have it.  I am just waiting on a new blind and to replace the light fitting and to paint the walls (at the moment they are a colour I fondly call 1988 grey -it's depressing)  And in the interest of full disclosure, lest anyone think I live a saintly, organised and tidy life.  This is what our play room looks like a good deal of the time....

 Mainly due to these two mess makers.

Although the be fair, on closer inspection I do see a quite a lot of fabric strewn around.

Don't forget to visit Pink Chalk Studios and have a nosy around lots of other creative spaces.


  1. Gorgeous space - love the last few pics ;-)

  2. Beautiful room and how neat that the kids have their space too!

  3. There will be no stopping you now!

  4. What is it with kids and boxes that they always have to climb inside. So glad you posted the messy play photo or I would think you were obsessional. It looks a lovely space to create.

  5. Oh I love it! I've been to Ikea a time or two lately. I love to look at their room set ups. Yours could be one of theirs! Nicely done. (Love the messy photo. I call that "life")

  6. I am glad you showed the last couple of snaps I was thinking you were a tad anal LOL Lovely sewing /crafting area.

  7. Love your room. The Billy cupboard works really well. We finally have a new IKEA only an hour away - we faced a two and a half hour drive before! So I can see I am going to be a frequent visitor! I'm a big fan and love looking at items and thinking of other uses for them!

  8. Love your "organized" sewing room:)

  9. Love your space (even the lived in space) and that you've found a way to keep on sewing with little ones about; I know just how challenging that can be. I bet they grow up to have amazing creative minds just like their mum! Have a great year!


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