Thursday, October 4, 2012

AMQF - eye candy

Well, last weekend was AMQF and I really can't tell you when I have been so busy.  Luckily for me all of that out-of-control business was offset by the fact that I spent two nights at the Intercontinental in Adelaide with two of my favourite peeps... here they are, my cousins, Sarah and Ben. 

Ben Kempster was the MC for the weekend and he did an absolutely outstanding job!  He was also the auctioneer for the Alzheimer's Benefit charity quilt and he had those punters eating out of his hands and throwing their cash around willy nilly.  We raised nearly four grand for Alzheimer's SA.

As happens when you are busy, you forget to take photos of everything.  But don't worry - I didn't forget the good stuff.  Here is some eye candy from the quilt show.... enjoy.

And they were just a handful of my favourites. 


  1. Oh my, that's gorgoeus quilting. Incredible.

  2. I am so in awe of the talent in the quilts you have shown. What beauties. ( The cousins are beauties too)

  3. Wow. The quilting on those is incredible!

  4. I am going to say two things today Shon.
    Ben (and his barrel girl, Sarah) did an excellent job MCing the dinner, and the Festival itself. He was funny, self deprecating, informed and good looking to boot. They are a lovely couple and I really hope we will all see them again next Frstival.

    And the eye candy is amazing!!!

  5. I am amazed at that super detailed (and tiny!) quilting. Wow. Thanks for sharing. : )


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