Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Free at Last!!

Yay! Quarantine is O-V-A-H baby! I am off to sewing tonight at Mum's and can't wait to see everyone.

I did however get heaps (how South Australian is that!) done while we were in lock-down. I finished a quilt with this chocolatey goodness (but that is a bit secret squirrel at the moment).

I fininshed this quilt with the Fig and Plum fabric that Mum bought me for Christmas. The photo doesn't really do the fabrics justice, they are so lovely and feminine - I will upload a free pattern for it later in the week:

Despite the quarrantine there was a jail break on Thursday night when I snuck out with Mum to buy this:

I am in love with it already and I haven't even uploaded any music or video yet. I know you shouldn't get attached to inanimate objects but I really do love it. I felt the same way when I got my ipod - I would put it on shuffle and go for a walk around my neighbourhood shamelessly singing out loud to the hits and memories that it would churn out. It always makes my heart feel light when I am listening to it and I guess that's where the feelings of love generate from. Such a delicious object deserves to be cossetted rather than shunted around in the hostile environment that is my handbag - so I made it this:

Now it will always be safe and sound in its special quilted case (tutorial to follow for my fellow obsessives).

And last but not least I made some more journals out of my eclectic stash using a simplified version of Bloom's tutorial. I could have gone crazy and made more but I ran out of journals! I will have to stage another attack on the Big W stationary department.

The Snippets one is mine and I have already started filling it with random ideas for quilting projects - I don't think even Methuselah would have had enough time to make all of the quilts I have in my head.

Ok, off to sewing to bind a mountain of quilts.

Until next time,



  1. Oh my gosh, I'm a fellow obsessive iPhone lover. I'm anxiously awaiting your tutorial for the cover. My white iPhone needs some cute protection like yours!

  2. Your iPhone needs a name all inanimate objects in our house have names eg. Clarice my camera and all start with the same letter as the objects if you get my drift. Glad to hear your out and about again.


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