Thursday, November 5, 2009

Snowball Challenge

A couple of weeks ago I did something outrageous - I joined Allyson and Nicole's Red and White Snowball Challenge. Outrageous because I am usually a bit of a lurker and here I am joining in and sending fabric all over the world (well to the States anyway - am prone to slight exaggeration). For the challenge we will be making this quilt:

I wasn't sure at first if I was going to do it in red. When Nicole asked the question "Got Reds?" on her blog, my answer would have had to have been no. But after a lovely solo shop at Hettie's Patch last Sunday I can now say "well yes ma'am I do!". In fact I think that I could become a little addicted to red fabric.

As part of the challenge we are doing a fabric swap for the light fabrics and here are the three I chose (after much agonising and hassling my friend Amy for her opinion on endless beige fabric) to send to my swapees.

I have washed and cut them and here they are ready to wing their way to the US.

Bring on the Snowball!

Fabric wasn't the only thing I brought home from Hettie's last week. Lorraine and Amy had found four little kittens abandoned by their mother just before I arrived. I brought them home with me and Greg and I have been looking after them for the week while Lorraine is away. They are about 3 weeks old and are super cute - even if they do require around the clock bottle feeding!

This weekend we are heading up to Moonta Bay with my girlfriends and their husbands and about 100 children (again slight exaggeration). I have the Grandmother's flower garden and the Anne of Green Gables packed - I wonder if they'll see the light of day? Unlikely.


  1. Christine Thomas, Napa, CANovember 6, 2009 at 6:49 AM

    Shontelle...I am SO EXCITED to see your swap fabrics. I AM GOING TO GET THEM!!!!! I'm sending mine out today to you and the others. I think it is going to be so much fun to trade fabrics and see how different each person's quilt will be.
    Baby kitty cat is darling. Good work.

  2. I was hoping to see that weekender bag after Sunday sewing LOL. Love your swap fabric I especially love fabric with writing on it. On the cat front - Lorraine must have found mama cats hiding place good on you for being a surrogate mum. Have fun at Moonta Bay - great beach for kids they are exhausted before they get to deep water.

  3. Hello - I am also in the challenge & the swap, but with a different group of gals. I love your red choices and I think I chose the writing/light tan to send also! I have received a couple of my swaps, but haven't opened them yet --building the suspense!
    Where did you get your great red with writing? I would love to add a fat quarter or two to my stash. Have a great weekend

  4. That little kitten is the sweetest thing ever! Just adorable.

    You have a fabulous selection of reds. I have red-envy. ha ha. I never get tired of red fabrics. They just keep on making prettier ones. You've got the makings of a beautiful quilt. And a snuggly kitty to curl up in it.


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