Friday, March 5, 2010

Retreat Wrap Up!!

Well we've been back in the real world for a week now, so it's time to share a few photos. I have to thank Loz and Vicki for most of these - for some reason mine came out blurry. Camera shaking from the consumption of too much Coke maybe??

The Venue
The Accommodation

The Interior of the Town Hall

The Kits and Attendee's Gift

The Projects

Happy Retreater

Hilary Painting

Mum hard at it in the kitchen


Special mention has to go to Kris in the photo above. She left the retreat on Friday night to go home for the birth of her grand-daughter and was back on deck the next afternoon. With all this going on she still managed to quilt, ric-rac and bind her quilt! Talk about above and beyond.

What a demon! Lorraine managed to finish two quilts. The 1st one she made out of fabric she bought at the retreat....gorgeous Garden Party and Old Primrose Inn. Now that is dedication.

Deb managed to whip this up from scratch over the weekend. And gorgeous it is too.

We couldn't have managed this weekend without Nana (Mavis - now dubbed Maisy by Vic). She cooked and baked and gophered all weekend without flagging. You'd never know she was 81! Here she is with Mum and a mountain of cakes that she made.

All done!! Here we are in our recliners stuffing in fish and chips. What a team! (Note the coke clutched in my hand...I think I have a small problem).

Thank you to all of the very special ladies who attended our retreat. We had an absolute ball and can't wait for the next one. On to Mannum!!


  1. Shontelle I think it looks like you had a great time, all those fabulous quilts and smiling faces. I am jealous. Those wonderful views too.

  2. Looks like a fun time was had by one and all - well done you girls.

  3. You girls definitely deserved a well earned rest, you were flat strapped all weekend. I had a fabulous time and maisy you really are a CHAMP!!!!!.I'm now resting up for Mannum

  4. It was a fun weekend! Inspiring too, all that sewing/quilting set my machine going when I got home!


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