Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What happened to February?

Quick post.....

So, February wasn't all babies, babies, babies. Before he was born I did manage to knock off the following from the to-do list.

Before I get to the photos I just need to say that I love, love, love Debbie Maddy's Carpenter's Star pattern. For the baby quilts I finished of in Feb I just sized the squares down to 4 7/8". And they turned out so stinking cute! They are yet to be quilted and the photos are a bit dodgy - but you've gotta run what you brung. So without further waffle, here are my February offerings.

Quilt number 1 is made from Whimsy by Fig Tree quilts and is for my BFF Georgie's newest addition, Angus (he was born 3 weeks before Ethan)

I am really into piecing backings at the moment and it can get you out of a tight spot when you don't have quite enough backing fabric.

Plus it gives you a great spot to put the label.

Note to self - iron things before you take photos!

The other baby quilt I made was for my boy. It is made from the delicious La Petite Ecole range by French General. Here's a confession - when I first saw this fabric I cried. I blame the hormones but still - crying over fabric - what has become of me??

Lastly, I finished this quit top. I originally bought alot of the fabrics in this quilt for a quilt-a-long but then decided that I didn't really like the project. So, all of those lovely reds languished in the tardis for a few months until I came up with this....I plan to put a tutorial/pattern sheet up for it soon. I absolutely love how it turned out. Even Scarlett declared it to be beautiful when I was laying it out. And as anyone with toddlers will know - 3 year olds can be a tough crowd!!

Ok, baby crying. Going now.

Tell me. What makes you cry happy tears?


  1. Too many things to list here! And yes, fabric can probably do it for me too. Love your tops. They are gorgeous. I also love pieced backs. They make any quilt just a bit more spectacular!

  2. Why am I not surprised you loved a star quilt pattern!!!! My children make me cry happy tears all the time. You certainly did some finishing before Ethan came, they all look fantastic.

  3. Your quilts are lovely Shontelle! I have another large star quilt in the same color combo as red, blue and white(I love this combo)AND get son, my baby...his name is Ethan:) too. And he had me crying happy tears just last night!

  4. My happy tears happen when I laugh and laugh and laugh! Nothing beats a good belly laugh over something hilarious!
    I also wanted to thank you for your comment about my new mixer! I would have emailed you back but you're set to no reply! Anyway, yes I completely agree with you about choosing the color - I was all set on a lime green one until we saw that the chrome was $100 cheaper! How much do they cost in Oz?


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