Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Fabric Covered Pin Board

A long time ago I had the idea to make a pin board covered with fabric and inserted in a nice frame.  As a classic over thinker I stewed on this idea for years - yes years people -  procrastination is a curse!  Then, one day, as I was cruising around Martha Stewart dot com, I came across this pinable item.  It was my dream, realised.  God bless Martha, she made it sound so easy.  And really it was. 

I found this frame on the uber special at Le Target.....

And then I gutted it.....My husband glued some cork tiles to a piece of MDF cut to the size of the inside of the frame.  And then we staple gunned some fabric around it and inserted it into said frame.  And voila! A fabric covered corkboard.

 It is now proudly hanging in our craft/play room.....

Sporting my daughter's masterpieces.....

I particularly like the wee portrait of Captain Monkey....

He has his own pirate ship you know.


  1. Captain monkey rocks! The board is fab!!

  2. Love it. May I ask where you got the cork tiles?

    1. Hi Danyell, Are you in Australia? I got the tiles from Bunnings (a large hardware store). They were about $13 for a pack of about 9 I think.


    2. Hi Shontelle, Yes I am SA. Your mum is my quilter :)

      Cool I'll check bunnings then. Been searching high and low for some cork.


    3. I was wondering it that was you....I was looking at your name on Mum's white board last night and noticed the spelling was the same. We got the tiles from the Parafield store - they are in the flooring section. xx

  3. Fabulous board! I have a pinboard from Ikea (where else?) that I viseflixed fabric on to. I procrastinated that for years too and only have one done. Yours is so pretty!

  4. So cute! The fabric you chose is just perfect!

  5. Love the fabric you choose.

  6. Of course Captain Monkey has his own Pirate ship. The board is great with or with out art work pinned to it.


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