Saturday, September 5, 2009

August MIA

Hi Everyone,

I have been a terrible blogger lately but with good reason. Do you remember this smiling budding craft enthusiast?

Well thanks to a motorist who failed to look to her right while he was cycling past, he now looks like this....

They say that it never rains but pours and that is the case in our household. The pictures are a bit too gruesome to display to the unsuspecting public but I had an operation a couple of weeks ago to remove a gremlin that was growing inside of me. I am on the mend though and have been busily creating things for our daughter's second birthday.

Does anybody remember this book? When I was little it was the birthday cake bible and weeks before my birthday I would pore over it deciding on which cake I wanted.

If you can get your hands on one it is a winner!!! Here are the cakes I made for my Pixie out of it.
The original had a mouse made out of a prune (who wants a prune on a kid's birthday cake? Madness!), but Greg came up with the idea of turing a jube into a mouse. His arm may be broken but there's nothing wrong upstairs! Stupid me made the mistake of showing the cake to Scarlett when she woke up....I had to make an extra mouse for her immediately or the world would have ended. Ah, the humble jube - breakfast of champions!

The second cake is a butterfly. It is just a round cake cut into three pieces and then cemented together with vienna cream, licorice and smarties. I have to say, I had loads of fun making them and it is worth trying to dig up a copy of the birthday cake book. The Women's Weekly have brought out more recent birthday cake books, but they are not a patch on the original.

So, my baby is now two. Today she was sleeping on me in the car while Greg was jogging Chi-style around the park and I was reminded of how she felt on my body in this photo....

How she got from that to this....

Will never cease to amaze me.

It is show week this week here in Adelaide. We are going and I can't wait. I hope that everyone's week is as full of fairy floss, ferris wheels and farmyard animals as mine will be.

Until next time,


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  1. If you think that 2 years went fast within a blink of an eye she will be dating believe me. Poor Greg and great cakes. I'll tell the girls on Tuesday "S" is 2 and we will all go on how fast the time has gone.


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