Monday, September 7, 2009

September Apron Challenge

Ah, aprons, I love them. I am by nature a disorganised mess machine (sadly my daughter is following in my footsteps) but when I am wearing an apron I feel as though I have a tighter reign on life; there is the illusion of order and organisation in my chaotic existence, and I am all for illusions! My cousin Ellie and I have decided to have an apron challenge in September and we were wondering if anyone else out there in the blogosphere would like to join us?

The rules are simple. Design and make and apron in September and blog about it. If you email me a link to your blog then I can make a blogroll of fellow apron lovers and we can all check out each other's creations. What do you say? Let's grab some ric-rac and go!


  1. Normally I step up to a challenge but I have some serious sewing to do this month so better not. I will be interested to see your creation.

  2. What a great idea.I will join your challenge... I am desperate need of an apron... I will blog about it..
    Hugs X

  3. Just found your blog- (after sussing out mum's website)! Cool! I'll add you to my Blog List.
    Lovely to see you all today too. Jane
    The Patchwork Apple

  4. Que linda idea y que Importante El delantal nuestro Tener, además de la Protección te hace sentir ordenada, y alguien que realmente es un ama de casa. Me gusta mucho la idea.
    Ya añado a la lista de blogs de parche y pondré la imagen con este enlace. Un abrazo


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