Friday, October 23, 2009

Sew and Tell - Friday Finish

At first glance the title of this post and the photos it contains will make me look like some kind of super quilter...but be not alarmed - I didn't actually finish these quilts this week. Just the binding. And one of them isn't even my quilt. Really, you could say I was clutching at 'friday finish' straws to post photos of binding but these quilts constitute almost 20 metres of binding, a bleeding and bruised middle finger, 1 episode of 'Being Erica, 1 of Lost in Austen and 17 of Frasier. So I am clutching with impunity.

This first quilt is not mine. I wish it was, but I can only lay claim to the binding. It is the most beautiful quilt I have ever seen in the flesh. The needle-turn applique on it is perfect - you cannot see a single stitch and I love the colours in it. It belongs to one of Mum's customers and Mum is entering in the Festival of Quilts show in a couple of weeks. The quilting she has done on it is absolutely gorgeous. Mum (Sharon) now has a blog of her own up and running - check it out if you like)

McTavishing in the blocks and 'CC's' and cross-hatching in the pieced sections.

More close-ups of the McTavishing.

The next quilt is mine. I made it from the pattern '4ot' by Carrie of Miss Rosie's Quilt Co fame, using Moda's Heritage for a Cause by Howard Marcus. This quilt is enormous (as my poor finger will attest). I fell in love with the blue bird fabric in this range and decided that I wanted that as a border fabric (nothing wrong there) but I failed to lay the quilt-top on my bed prior to attaching the border. So when all was done and dusted, and the borders painstakingly mitred, I placed the quilt on the bed and stepped back to admire the result - it nearly touched the floor! So, in the photos the poor Hills hoist (clothesline) is pushed to his limit and wound as high as he can possibly go, and the quilt still drapes on the lawn.

Mum quilted the quilt for me using a pantograph by 3 sisters (of Moda fabric fame - is there no end to their talents) called 'Abundant Feathers'. This quilt is full of my favourite things - stars, feathers, silky wool wadding and reproduction fabric - needless to say, I love it. Here are some close ups of the quilting.

And last, but definitely not least - the binding. A few weeks ago I posted about buying some Invisifil thread. I decided to give it a go on the binding and it was fantastic. It didn't fray or tangle once and the stitches are invisible. What an awesome thread!

So there you have it. Two quilts down and one to go. My poor finger.

Until next time,


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  1. Fabulous effort my love! Thanks so much for helping me - we make quite a formidable team!! Your quilt looks beautiful by the way.

  2. Well done Shonnie. The quilts are wonderful as is mums quilting.

  3. Beautiful blog...luv your mum...and the quilts are just fantastic. The quilting, the piecing, the colors and the binding on the one you made is gorgeous!

    Nothing weird here...but sending you boo boo finger kisses so you heal quickly! LOL

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Spectacular! Both quilts are stunning. Major congratulations to you and your mum and her customer. Thanks so much for sharing. Now go and put some ice on your finger!

  5. Two stunning quilts! And Sharon, you did a fantastic job on the quilting! How nice that the two of you both enjoy quilting and can work together like this.

    Now I know from experience that stitching THAT much binding down in a week is a BIG accomplishment. Well done, Shontelle! I'll bet you feel GREAT! Well, except for your poor finger, that is. :o)

  6. The quilting is fanta-bulous!!! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Wow, that's a lot of binding. Gorgeous quilts!

  8. Can I send you my quilts for binding?;-)) Perfect stitching!!! Both quilts are gorgeous. I love the fabrics in yours and the quilting your mom did is amazing!!! Enjoy your weekend.

  9. those are beautiful. i love the binding. i know how your poor finger feels. thank you for stopping by and visiting...

  10. Wow. Lovely quilts. Yours is huge and you did a wonderful job! Beautiful details! The first quilt is just amazing too. The talent here is just unbelievable. (I'm such a day (LOL) Have a great week...Sherri : )

  11. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your quilts are beautiful!

  12. Absolutely stunning! I love your quilt! Do you know where I can get the panto your Mom used on your Quilt? It is gorgeous!

  13. Beautiful quilts. Huge is better for the cover-hogs among us!! I hate a chilly draft down my back!!! LOL!


  14. OMG what beautiful quilts! You should be so proud! TFS!

  15. Beautiful quilts! And binding totally counts as a finish! It's a big part of the job and totally finishes the project - good job!

    Thanks for linking up!!


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