Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Postman Always Delivers Twice

My love affair with the postie continues.....

This week he has brought me the following Moda loveliness.....

Simple Abundance. I have an abundantly simple project in mind for this. Hopefully I can finish it off shortly after I complete the abundantly complex quilt below....

Jelly Stars in Aster Manor. It is going to be delicious. I have sorted my jelly roll into the colour combos I like for the stars and I am ready to roll. I can't wait to post the first finished star.

Off to the Janome now. Frasier is waiting for me.


  1. I have just made myself a skirt out of that fabric.

  2. Jelly Stars will be wonderful in Aster Manor...and I love your blog by the way...Love the pictures from France and the Jane Austen quilt as well!


I'm glad you popped by, your comments really make my day.


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