Thursday, January 28, 2010

My Creative Space

I've decided to join in with Thursday's creative space - head on over and check out where others work their magic.

This is my space, I wish that I could claim a studio or even a sewing room, but alas I can do neither. My work is done on the kitchen table. Thank God for Summer - we can eat outside and I don't have to clean up this mess three times a day.

I have inserted some numbers into the photo to talk you through some elements of my mess.

1. This mural (scribble) is proof that I share my creative space with a toddler. The only room to yet escape her stealthy crayon work is the lounge room. It's the quick and the crayola around here.

2. This is my trusty Janome. I would love to see the stats of how many hours I have sat at it with the pedal to the metal.

3. My new favourite toy - my Philips GC3360 - who knew an iron could give you so much pleasure.

4. A quilt I am working on in 30s reproduction fabrics for my best friend's little girl.

5. Lisianthus, one of my favourite flowers, although I do prefer them in pink.

6. My trusty companion. My mini DVD player - locked and loaded with season 6 of Frasier.

7. My next two projects ready to roll. Aster Manor and Simple Abundance Jelly Rolls. Almost as delicious as the pastry variety.

Where do you create?


  1. Wallaroo? Is that near Marnoo & Callawadda by any chance? Maybe I'm way off track. But anyway, I like your space, it reminds me of mine! Actually I have a spot in the 'sun room' but I notice that it really is a dumping ground for misc. things such as the vacum cleaner which I had to climb over today to get to the sewing machine. Fun! Anyway, hope you had a lovely, creative day and I'll see you again as I have enjoyed looking through your blog xo

  2. I have a whole room to myself and it is way messier than that.....minus the creative crayon.

  3. I've got half a room shared with Hubby, but I often create all over the house, depending on the time of day. You can't stop creativity, wherever it may happen!

  4. I have a dining table studio too... it's not the space you have but what you do with it!

  5. I particularly like the mural. Hooray for summer & pack up free meal times I say.

  6. Sewing rooms are a fantastic luxury but I find sewing in kitchen or loungeroom spaces sometimes better, particularly with the kids because you still feel part of everything and not hiding away in a room.

  7. The good thing about having to create on the dining table is that it would probably get tidied up more often! I have a whole room and it is sooo easy to just close the door to the mess and walk away.....

  8. Your should see my dining room table, well actually you can''s buried even more than yours! Can't wait to see the quilt - I love the 30's especially the prints of fabric from that era. Thanks for popping round mine. x

  9. I'm a little lucky as I have a smallish sewing room, The down side though is when people come to stay its the spare room. I then move out to the dinning room where sometimes it can take a little while for me to move back to the sewing room
    . I have just realised I have used the word ROOM 4 times in my comment, more like an essay realy. Love reading your blog!


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