Sunday, April 18, 2010

Friday, but not quite finished.

On Friday I spent a lovely day doing a workshop with Marg Low at the Patchwork Apple in Woodside.

We started the day with a little trunk show of Marg's designs. It was so nice to sit back and be dazzled by pretty things. Here is a little window into the lovliness....

A wee table-topper made from sawtooth stars in reproduction fabrics. I have in mind to make something similar using Ohio Stars.

A sneak peek at a project Marg has designed for the Red Club. It was very gorgeous. I am a sucker for hexagons.

Here are some super cute Christmas stockings sitting on a miniature quilt again designed for Red Club.

How gorgeous are those sweetheart birdies? I bought this pattern from Marg on the day and am keen to make them to hang on the door handles. The button is from Theadora Cleave. She makes truly lovely things.

Vicki fondling Marg's wares...

We went to next door to the Lobethal Bakery for lunch. As you can see I enjoyed highly nutritious, fat free fare. But how can you resist happiness in a can, a bolognaise pie and what are seriously the best jam berliners I have ever eaten (and believe me I have done some research into the matter)? You can't, so I capitulated and enjoyed every calorie laden morsel.

So what did we actually do with Marg? This....

Rhonda's finished journal cover

Kris's bookmark.

My half-finished journal. I was so happy because Marg taught me to needleturn applique which is something I have wanted to learn for ages. Cop the birdie! He's appliqued!

As usual I have come home, uploaded my photos and realised that I was too busy talking and didn't get pictures of everyone's projects. So I'll just leave you with another bird picture. Did I mention that he is appliqued?


  1. Appliqued and seriously gorgeous! I had such a great day!

  2. Hello love, looks like you had a fabulous day with the girls - it's made me homesick looking at all the pics. So glad you've mastered the "needleturn"!! Kisses

  3. Shontelle, that looks like a fab day's stitching and that applique is so neat. I adore anything with a bird on it so it has me won over easy. How good of you to research every calorie for us.

  4. Hi Shontelle, You can't imagine who I seen today! Your mum came into the quilt shop where I work. I bet you can't guess where!! Woodstock, New Brunswick, Canada! When she told me you blogged, I asked her your blog name and surprise! I knew who you were as I lurk around Aussie blogs quite a bit! Your mum's a sweetie!

  5. Visiting via Shelley at Red Quilts.

  6. You crack me up with your applique and your can full of happiness! Mwah - Abes

  7. Hola,me gus ta mucho tus trabajos
    Besos Mayte nuestras meriendas y manualidades

  8. Hola he visitado su blog y me han gustado mucho sus trabajos.
    Saludos desde La LineaMayte

  9. Hi there...cruising by!!!! What a great post...I love who you are...champagne...France,Friday night...the smell of rain...especially the reproduction fabrics!!! Dzintra♥x


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