Sunday, April 11, 2010

A new obsession

I love the American Better Homes and Gardens Creative collection and I especially enjoy Quilt Sampler magazine. You can see by the top right hand corner that this edition has seen some lovin'. What I love about this mag are the editorials about the quilt shops they feature. They are choc full of great photos of the shops - a wonderful source of inspiration and the shops featured provide a pattern for the magazine.

In the Fall/Winter 2009 edition there was a feature on a quilt shop in California calledTemecula Quilt Co. If there wasn't a large ocean between us I would love to visit this store. It has a focus on reproduction quilts and the photos from the magazine spread have been drooled over by me on more than one occassion. The quilt pattern that the store provided (it's on the cover) features little houses. I am in love! I started making some last night before bed and have done 3 already. I am going to make a chunky cushion out of them (there is just such a cushion in the photo spread). The houses are only 4.5" finished so they are made up of lots of tiny pieces. As a result my first one was a little 'how's your mother' but I have got the hang of it now.

I have a bundle of binding to do so those little houses are the carrot I am dangling in front of myself. I have got three more cut out and ready to go as soon as the last stitch is put into this quilt.

Ok, off to bind now. Must resist houses.


  1. Look at you go! Love the little houses - maybe I could learn to make one - I'll do pot-holder size, I may actually finish that. I'm glad your focus is back on binding the quilt. Was great to see Connor's finished - it looks gorgeous. Much love, Mum

  2. Shontelle,
    I can see why you are hooked on those little houses. I too love house blocks and that seems like it is going to have to be put on my ever growing list.

  3. Good luck resisting! Those houses are cute as!

  4. I'm in the same county as that store and it's still too far away for me to visit! Big county and nothing else around the store of interest to me.

    Love that mag, too. Hope it doesn't fold.


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