Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Hand Quilting

Over Easter I went with my Dad to our shack at Corny Point.  As always I pack some sewing which often doesn't see the light of day in favour of snoozing and such.  This time I took the very first quilt I ever made and still isn't finished. (It's seen some trips to the shack in it's day!)

I had noble intentions of knuckling down to, if not finish it, then at least to make a dent in the hand quilting that is left to do.  But instead I had an Easter epiphany!  I do not like hand quilting.  I don't enjoy it and what's more I think I am pretty crap at it.  My stitches are uneven, wobbly and sometimes (often) don't show up on the back.  So I decided that instead of perservering (read - flogging a dead horse)  I decided to unpick all the quilting I had done over the last (gasp!) 17 years and machine quilt it instead.

I feel much better now.  I am freed from the tyranny and pricked fingers of hand quilting.  And now this quilt may even get finished before its 20th anniversary.  Watch this space. 

Disclaimer:  I love hand-quilted quilts.  They can look truly exquisite.  It's just that mine didn't.


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  2. Do what you feel comfortable doing and if it gets the job done then so be it. You have to enjoy the process and like everything else it is practice but is a much slower occupation. Just think how good it will feel when it is finished.

  3. Tudo muito bonito. Adorei. Um abraço.


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