Thursday, April 5, 2012

WIP - Machine Quilting Baptist Fans

Hello and welcome to my new URL!

Earlier today I wrote an emotionally charged and sentimental post about why I changed my blog name and URL and tonight somehow I deleted it!  For crying out loud!!!  I can't remember exactly what I wrote and am feeling so frustrated with the whole thing that I am now just going to bombard you with photos instead of trying to re-write my earlier post.

Tonight was my sewing circle night.  Usually, it is just an excuse to sit with my Mum and a couple of friends and eat cake and watch trash tv.  But tonight I was feeling particularly motivated and instead Mum and I (mostly Mum) machine quilted these mini quilts which I will turn into cushions.

Here they are all loaded up and ready to roll.  I have made several of these little quilts.  I started them a couple of years ago as a way of trying out some different blocks.  On the left are some churn dashes made in repro fabrics on the right the little houses that I originally blogged about here.

I chose baptist fans as the pattern for them  because they are old fashioned and I loooooove them.  

Here's a view of the fans from the back - not that you'll get to see them when I turn the tops into cushions.  But I'll know they're there.

In all that productivity there was still time for cake.  Scarlett and I made this coffee walnut streusel cake after kindy today and I have to say I was pretty delicious.  
And because today I was a one woman production line I also made the backing for this quilt.

Phew!  And now I am going to bed.

I am linking up with Freshly Pieced's WIP Wednesday.  Come and check out what everyone else has been busy creating. 


  1. I love the last picture, what is that type of block called, a spool? Anyway, the cake looks delicious and love the B-fans :) I will start following you!

  2. You have been busy and your Mum has done a good job on the quilting of your mini's. They will make great cushions. Good to see you back in action.

  3. That streusel looks amazing! Your quilts are gorgeous!


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