Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Port Elliot

At the moment my family and I are on holiday in Port Elliot on the Fleurieu Peninsula in South Australia.  This morning we went for a walk along the coastline and I thought I'd share a few pictures, after all it's not every day you spot a whale going about her business while you stroll along!

Although it's Winter here the days have been lovely and sunny and the temperature today is 19 degrees (according to the temp guage in our car anyway).  We started our walk along the Harbour Master's Walk which extends from Horseshoe Bay through a lovely garden and around to Port Elliot Beach.  

Not a shabby view really.

We sat and watched the waves crash on the rocks for a while and then we noticed something in the distance.

Oh hello!  It's a Southern Right Whale!  We watched her splashing about for about an hour.

And then we waved goodbye.

All in all a pretty amazing morning!


  1. Very cool and if I wasn't depressed already with our crappy summer!!

  2. The sea looks soooooo good! nice to see the whale too.

  3. Port Elliott is such a lovely spot! I can see you are having a wonderful holiday. I have always wanted to see a whale in that area, but never have. I always just miss them!

  4. It is great at the moment. A couple of weeks ago there were 3 in so close at Freeman's Knob you could hear them blowing. We had a quick trip down there today. No time for whales watching.


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