Monday, July 9, 2012

Sleigh Bells Ring...Are You Listening?

This week I received a special parcel in the post from the fabulous Australian Homespun.  It contained their latest "Christmas In July" edition of the magazine.  And the thrill for me was that my quilt was on the cover.  Get out of town!!

Of all the quilts I have made, this one is among my most favourites.  It's simple and classic and I love every fabric in it.  This is the quilt that turned me on to red fabric. 

I originally blogged about this quilt here and you can read about it and see it hanging in it's unfinished state from my washing line - a far cry from the lovely styling in Homepun!

The magazine is on sale at newsagents now or you can download a copy through Zinio.  As well as my quilt, there is a lovely embroidery pattern by Aneela Hoey, a gorgeous bag by Monica Poole, a cute softie by Melly and Me and patterns from Natalie Bird and Anni Downs.

Thanks again to Catherine and the team at Homespun for their support. 


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  2. Congratulations and well done! I'm so happy for you!

  3. I shall look forward to my copy of Homespun coming through the door Shontelle and congratulations on the quilt. I am so hooked on red at the moment.

  4. Congrats - it's a gorgeous quilt!


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