Sunday, August 12, 2012

Spring is coming

Despite the grey, freezing Sunday that has just passed, I have it on good authority that spring is just around the corner.......

Mother nature has everything well in hand.


  1. Yes, we have one of those trees in bloom in our street too. Just one though. All the rest are still sticks. Not sure what made that one tree think it might warm up soon. It was a chilly day here too!

  2. Oh I love the signs of spring. Gives me hope every year here in the UK, before they are dashed and we get another three months of rain. But I am optimistic year after year.

  3. Oh look at all your beautiful spring bulbs and blossoms. They would almost make up for the crappy wet weather.

  4. Mother Nature is so clever but I wish someone would tell her that here in the UK we need some more sunshine. Daffodils are such cheerful flowers.

  5. I love that you let your chickens explore the yard. We do too, but they tend to make a little bit of a mess!

  6. Gorgeous pics. I miss having chickens ; )


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