Wednesday, August 15, 2012

WIP - On A Whim

I have so many projects that I should be doing and even more that should be finished off that I decided to start another one as a twisted method of work avoidance.  Does anyone else do this?

On the weekend I downloaded Camille Roskelley's "On a Whim:" pattern and Sunday night I got stuck in.  I have decided to make it in reprodcution fabrics.  This is mainly because I have a lot of them and I was impatient to start sewing right away.  I still haven't decided what colour to do the corners of the blocks - one thing is for sure though - it won't be the beige colour of my carpet!

Here are the first three blocks completed.  I have decided to go with a scrappy background and so far I think I like it.

A close up of one of the blocks. 

The next lot of blocks sewn into units and ready to be made into rolling stars...

The next lot cut out and ready to be whipped up....

The other colours I have chosen are a black, a dark teal green another blue and a brown.  Any suggestions for background colour?

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WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced


  1. Yes! I do this! How do you think I fill all those Ikea cupboards up? It's not all shopping.

  2. Does anyone else do this? OK - I confess!! Those fabrics are so pretty - your quilt will be lovely!

  3. I do that too, to excess!! Love the On A Whim pattern, looks wonderful!

  4. ::chortle:: I reign supreme at this method of work avoidance!

  5. That's such a cool pattern and one can never have too many projects on the go ;-)

  6. I think that is how my WIP list keeps growing :) lovely quilt blocks - have you thought of a dark chocolate brown for the corner pieces? whatever you decide on, this is going to be a fabulous quilt :)

  7. I love those blocks. Thanks for linking up!


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