Wednesday, October 31, 2012

WIP - progress report...on a whim, butterfly quilt and the great texta disaster

Time to check in for a progress report.  The pace has been somewhat leisurely but progress has been made.  This week my mantra has been "just keep swimming"  a la Dory from Finding Nemo.

I have been working on my On A Whim blocks in Vintage Modern.  I constructed all of the components of the blocks in a chain piecing frenzy and just needed to square them up.  Even with a new blade in my rotary cutter, as I mentioned in last weeks post, it has been boring work.  So to break the monotony I decided to square up enough to allow me to complete two blocks at a time so it's been a little bit of slicing and a bit of sewing and that has been much more satisfying.

I have been pinning everything as I go in order to ease in the set in squares of the Rolling Star block because, not for love nor money could I get these babies square!  No matter what I did they were 5.5 on one side and 5.75 on the other.  Enter Clover pins and the magical potion that is Mary Ellen's Best Press and I made them bend to my iron will and here they are all straight and square and hanging on my clothes line looking pretty.

I also finished the binding on my Butterfly Quilt. 

You may remember that I pinned this beauty and shamelessly made one exactly the same with Mum's Accuquilt Go! Baby, because I loved it so much.  All I need now is for someone to have a baby girl....come on Alexis McKay - you can do it!

Mum quilted it for me using the Simplicity pantograph by Lorien Quilting.  This pattern is perfect for going over applique or stitcheries; it stitches out quickly and is unobtrusive.

I did a simple pieced backing, mainly because there wasn't quite enough width in a standard piece of Moda Bella Solid to go on the longarm.  Fortunately I had some Bliss by Bonnie and Camille left over from this quilt and it blended in beautifully with the colours in Marmalade.

There was a small drama with this quilt.....I had left in on my lounge suite where I was sitting binding it and this evil genius (don't be fooled by his angelic face)....

....took to it with a green texta!  


I stayed calm though and continued with the binding and this afternoon I hit it with the triple threat of Preen, Omo and Sard Wondersoap.  I am happy to report the texta is gone and the quilt is happily drying outside.

So, onward and upward....this week I hope to get more On A Whim blocks finished and to quilt the little tumbler top for Ethan's cushion (not that he deserves soft furnishings after the texta incident) and maybe get a border or two on a quilt.

As usual I am linking up with Lee at Freshly Pieced.  Click below to head over and see what everyone else has been up to.

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  1. Yes but he is so gorgeous. Still love those butterflies and the new blocks look great. You are working well.

  2. Oh children! I am glad it washed out. My older daughter took a permanent marker to her baby quilt, it still bears the marks.
    Both projects are beautiful.

  3. that is amazing that you got that out, I am so happy for you, wow! Great job btw and I am stopping by from the WIP hop :)

  4. Those butterflies are so cute! How nice to have a "quilt-in-waiting" too. So glad the marks washed out.

  5. Love those On a Whim blocks (and I love Vintage Modern)! Those butterflies are pretty too, but I'm more into the geometrics:)

  6. Oh but the little angel was just helping! Such beauty!

  7. Love the sneak peek at your On A whim blocks. I'm sure will will so pleased with the outcome. The butterfly quilt is outstanding as well. Fabulous, fabulous, fabulous.

  8. Love the butterflies! come on baby mac! Be a girl!

  9. Ahhh, the drama. Good job staying calm, probably why Karma helped you remove the marker. LOL.

  10. Love this butterfly quilt...pity the angel drew on it...try wetting then spraying with hairspray before washing if he returns


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