Wednesday, October 24, 2012

WIP - 2012 Wrap it up!

2012 is skidding at an alarming speed towards its close, and although I am pretty keen to get cracking on some Christmas craft, I have had a stern talk to myself about finishing off some projects before I begin any new ones.  Had this talk with yourself before?  So here I am linking up with Lee at Freshly Pieced for a Wednesday WIP confessional.  The following projects (plus many more, I'm afraid to say) are lurking in this cupboard.....

And I am giving myself until the 20th of November to finish them off and then I will be able to enjoy my festive season guilt free.  So I am declaring my hand people and by the aforementioned date I will have finished......

Putting the borders on this quilt-top.  The photo just shows it laid out in blocks, but I have sewn it together now and have managed, through the power of Google, to track down and purchase some border fabric for it.

Making my On A Whim quilt top.  I have pieced all of the components of the blocks and am in the process of squaring them up which I am finding totally tedious.  I have completed two blocks- this one, and other that I have misplaced - things aren't looking good for that deadline!  Fortunately, I have enough fabric to whip up another block if it doesn't turn up.  


Putting the borders on my Dad's Carpenter's Star quilt.  You can see the quilt here.

I would also like to finish my Crystal star quilt that I have designed using a layer cake in Petite Odile by French General.  (This list is starting to seem a bit ambitious)

The list also includes finishing up Scarlett's string quilt.....

This little one has been quilted and I am currently stitching the binding down, so I may even have a wee finish by Friday.

And last but not least is this little tumbling block that I am going to quilt with some straight lines and turn into a cushion for my son's room.

Cover me.  I'm going in!


  1. Great list! Always fun to have a finish and cross it off the list works for me. Good Luck!

  2. Wow Girl! You certainly are ambitious! Tell me the name of the Star Quilt Top ? It's calling my name...

  3. Great work! Lots on the go here.
    I just posted about your "Briar Rose" quilt...I love it, and it is coming together nicely!

  4. I got you covered! Excited to see your On a Whim color palette - it looks like it will be nice and soft. Good luck on all your upcoming finishes!

  5. You need the lovely Alistair to come and mop your fevered brow, mind you I am not sure the sewing would get done!!

  6. Ambitious, but why not? I think you get more done when you're ambitious. Good luck! I am ambling along here. Maybe I should get ambitious?

  7. Gorgeous projects going on here!

  8. It's so interesting how your On A Whim block's blue polka dot fabric alternately looks like tumbling boxes and a white star. Lots of great and pretty projects!

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