Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Jelly Stars

One down......

Three to go.

I am really enjoying making this quilt. It is going together really nicely and this Aster Manor is lovely to look at.

Back to the grindstone now.


  1. Hello Shontelle,
    Thank you for taking time to visit me and check out my work. It is all still very new and exciting. Having just seen what you are doing with your lovely Aster Manor fabrics has given me ideas as I had a layer cake of that fabric for christmas and it is almost edible.
    Love Shirl.x (stitcherydo)

  2. Hello Shontelle,
    How cute is that darling baby? Thank you for joining me and leaving a comment, I did think that I was talking to myself out there in blog world but that would be nothing new. Love what you are doing with your Aster Manor fabrics. I was given some of those for Christmas, will now have to seriously think of how to use them.
    Love Shirley. Stitcherydo

  3. A beautiful lone star and jelly rolls are perfect to use and if you use a 1/4 foot it takes a lot of hassle out of connecting the points . Cute little girl--cottonreel-----
    pop over and look at my blog if you have time


I'm glad you popped by, your comments really make my day.


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