Saturday, February 13, 2010

Final UFO

This is the last ghost from sewing past. I love this quilt. The fabric in it is Charleston III and it was my very first ever internet fabric purchase and I made it at a workshop with Lessa Seigle. It is unfinished because I just don't know what to do in terms of borders. Any ideas? At first I was thinking of doing some kind of appliqued border, but I really don't think that would suit this quilt. I am now leaning towards a thin brown border to frame the quilt and then some scrappy flying geese to finish it off.

What do you think I should do?


  1. I like the idea of a thin brown border to give the eye a place to rest. Will you be repeating the colors of the quilt in the flying geese border? It is a gorgeous quilt so far.

  2. I think the flying geese border will echo the quilt middle well separated by the border. Sounds like a good plan. Beautiful colours.

  3. Es una manta espectacular, no me disgusta el marron claro, pero creo que se luciría mas si la destacas con un verde oscuro no brillante.Seguramente tu buen gusto Primära opiniones sobre las preguntas pero como te doy la mia. Un abrazo

  4. Hello love, comments from wet drizzly Sydney. On looking at it for quite a while I would try to purchase some of the dark fabric (looks like brown in the photo) and put a plain border on it. It will frame the quilt beautifully and the eye definitely needs a place to rest as there is so much activity in the quilt. It really is gorgeous! Mum XOX


I'm glad you popped by, your comments really make my day.


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