Thursday, February 11, 2010

More Flowers From My Attic

Now when I say attic I am using the term very loosely. Our attic is actually just a hole my husband cut in the ceiling and then inserted a drop down ladder into. So, no whitewashed floorboards, gable windows, muslin curtains and brass bed, just a place to store things we don't want to think about until we really have to.

One of those things is this quilt. I made it using the Broken Star pattern by Debby Maddy with Hemming House fabric. It is a great pattern - the quilt comes together really quickly and the results are gorgeous. I made it for my dad for his birthday a couple of years ago but wasn't really happy with the border fabric I chose. So I wrapped it for him as is with the idea that he'd have something to unwrap for his birthday and could help me decide on a border fabric. After he unwrapped it and we laid it on his bed the extremely underwhelming response I got was......hmmph. From this grunt I just assumed that he wasn't too keen on my creation so I packed it away in the "attic" and moved on to other things.

But as you know, men can be strange. The other day, I was over at Dad's place and he was asking when he was going to get his quilt! I told him that I thought he didn't like it and so I had never finished it. Apparently I had got the wrong idea and that "hmmph" was actually a grunt of pure joy and delight and should have indicated to me to complete the quilt forthwith. So, now I am back to my original conundrum of selecting a new border fabric with the additional challenge of being a fabric detective to find out if there is any Hemming House left on the planet!


  1. That really does look impressive Shontelle, hope you find just the right fabric to finish it off.

  2. I wish I had a fold down ladder to my storage space. I have to drag the ladder in from the shed when I want to store something up there. Males are funny creatures good luck with the border fabric hunt.


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