Sunday, January 30, 2011


This is Kuta.

He's very handsome isn't he? He is not actually our cat. He just thinks he is. About a year ago we did get a cat, her name is Lizzie (but that is for another post).

Back to Kuta.

About 3 months ago he started just passing through our backyard. Then he started to hang around and do pussy things - climb trees, play with our cat. Before long he was venturing inside and helping himself to the kitty buffet in our kitchen.

We began to have concerns that he was the unfortunate victim of a deceased estate nearby, but after some investigation we discovered that, no, Kuta belonged to a perfectly good family 2 doors down. (This is how we discovered his name - previously we had been referring to him as Gandalf the Grey).

Now it is common knowledge that cats are stealthy and I can attest to this as the latest development in the not-so-hostile takeover of our family has been playing out over the last couple of days. Kuta has been sneaking in to our house at about 6pm, hiding in my wardrobe only to present himself on the bed at about 2am. As he wears a little bell around his neck this has scared the crap out of me!

He is currently on our lounge watching ABC kids with our daughter. Operation infiltrate complete.

Has this every happened to anyone else?
Do cats just decide where they are going to live?
Imagine what he'd be like if we encouraged him with food?


  1. Kuta is very beautiful. Is he a Russian Blue? They are very intelligent (and possibly quite manipulative!).

    We have been adopted by not one but two cats. On both occassions we checked for reports of lost pets with the council and went to the vet to check for a micro-chip ... to no avail. It appears we are theirs!

  2. Do cats decide where they want to live? Sometimes. I remember coming home from school when I was in the 8th grade or so and finding a cat sleeping on my favorite dress. I asked mom why he was sleeping on my dress and she replied "he knocked at the door so I let him in". She never has learned how to answer a question. He lived with us until he went out and never came back. Back then we didn't get pets fixed like we do today and didn't keep them inside so he went out every night tomcatting around. Dad says he got run over by a car but they told us he ran away. I guess they were trying to spare us.

  3. He just likes you and perhaps your bed is more comfortable.

  4. We had a cat that looked just like Kuta. His name was Faux Pas. We loved him. Then he just disappeared. I missed him so much. One day, out of the blue, he showed up again. I should have put him in the garage that night and gotten him a collar, but I didn't. I just let him out (as usual) and never saw him again. He obviously decided he liked someone else better or they DID put him in the garage at night. Anyway, IMHO if the cat appears well cared for he probably belongs to someone else. Please take pity on them and don't encourage him to find a new home.

  5. Never fear anonymous - we know where his real family live. I've spoken to them - we don't feed him. I just find it amusing that he's decided that he likes us. They have 3 little girls and we only have one - perhaps he's decided that we are the lesser of the two evils!

  6. I encourage you to go with it. He may be a blessing in the disguise of a moocher


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