Saturday, January 8, 2011

Cover me. I'm going in!

After about 18 months of procrastination and general task avoidance I have decided to finally put my Amy Butler Weekender bag together. I have finished cutting everything out (a Herculean effort in itself) and have even made the handles and some of the piping.

I have read on many blogs that the bag is a bit of a demon but I would really like to have it finished to take to hospital with me next month. To be perfectly honest I am less nervous about having a caesarean than I am about making the bag!

My plan is to tackle it slowly, one step a day, so that in a week I will hopefully transform these fabrics.....

Into this bag.....without any swearing.

I think I could be kidding myself.


  1. No way. You are NOT kidding yourself! You can do it. Anyway, you have such a great goal for it it's sure to get made! Hope it is fun!

    Love the fabrics!

  2. Good luck with that Shon! I started a nappy bag before the impending arrival of Molly (one of those pumpkin/weekender bags) as a nappy bag and I finished it when she was about 4!!!

  3. Go On Shonnie I'm sure you can do it.


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