Sunday, February 5, 2012


Reading this blog you would think that I no longer sew. There has been some crafty action lately but it is slow and presently consists of lots of squares and triangles pinned together ready to be blitzed by my new Pfaff. This is hardly interesting. I thought instead I would introduce you to our cat - much more interesting.

Meet Lizzie......

Until Lizzie I had never had a cat. I have always been a dog person. Ridiculously so. My two dogs died about 6 months apart shortly after my first baby was born and it broke my heart. In April 2010 I was feeling ready for some furry love and stumbled across the Moorook Animal Shelter. Moorook is a "no kill" shelter situated in the riverland. I saw a picture of Lizzie (then called Lisa) on their website. She looked so dainty: her ears were very pointy and widely spaced; she had a serene expression and her tailed curled delicately around her feet when she sat.

I showed her picture to my husband and without much discussion at all we made the 3 hour drive to Moorook to check her out. Sometimes you just know "like you know about a good melon" Cutting a long story short....we brought her home with us. She had fleas, worms, some strange, mangy rash on her legs and the poos she did for the first couple of weeks defy description but she was very loving and sweet and she was ours.

Lizzie's days are now mainly spent snoozing on beds, nagging me for food and pacing in front of me on the desk while I surf the net, wiping her tail under my nose as she goes past. Not bad for a cat that started out life as a kitten dumped in the middle of nowhere.


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