Friday, February 10, 2012

Something done...finally!

This week with kindy in fully swing I have been treating myself to a little sewing time in the mornings. I should be trying to clean my uncleanable lino (!!!) floor, but I prefer to hide in my sewing room instead and turn a blind eye to the weat-bix that has set like cement under the highchair.

I have got some projects ready to go, but I have taken myself aside and had a stern word and have decided to finish off some old projects before I go charging off to cut up more fabric.

A couple of years ago I designed this table runner for a Christmas in July retreat that we held.

I played with a second option set on point that we also taught, but I never finished putting the borders on the sample. I decided last minute to fussy cut the striped border fabric and mitre the corners and so it has languished in the too-hard basket (literally) until this week. Here it is dangling from my washing line.

Here's a close up of the block. The block is called the Honeymoon Block and so I named the table runner "Second Honeymoon".

I also made the first version in Martinique and when it's quilted I'll give it to my Nana. It looks really classy hanging there next to my washing, doesn't it?

I am linking to Sew and Tell Fridays at Amy's blog.....go check out what other crafty peeps have been up to this week.


  1. Nice work! Ah....Weetbix cement .....remember it well.....I bought an old wooden high chair because I loved the look of it....hmmm not so practical in terms of getting the Weetbix off LOL. Nice that you have been getting things out of the too hard basket!

  2. Looks great Shontelle. A bit of sewing time for yourself is allowed. The housework can wait a bit longer and you will feel more like doing it if you are happy and relaxed.

  3. I prefer quilting to cleaning as well! I like the block you used in your runner, it looks like fireworks, which isn't surprising considering it's called Honeymoon! :-)


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