Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Easy Way to Mitre Borders

Hello Everyone,

I love the way mitred borders look but I used to find them fiddley to do - that is until I discovered this method of doing them.

Step 1: Cut 2 strips the width of the quilt plus twice the border width plus an extra 2" and 2 strips the length of the quilt plus twice the border width and 2" extra.

Example: width of quilt before border = 65”, width of border(s) to be added = 6”

65” + 6” + 6” +2" = strip 79” long. Cut 2 strips 79” long (width measurement)

Repeat steps for length of quilt.

NB. For multiple borders, sew strips together first and attach to quilt as one unit.

Step 2: Centre and pin border strips in place.

Step 3: Start and end seams ¼” from raw edges of the quilt top. Backstitch to secure. Press seams toward quilt top.

Mark the 1/4 inch point with a pin or a marker

Step 4: Lay quilt top right side up on ironing board and fold each border end flat back onto itself, right sides together, forming a 45 degree angle at the quilt’s corner. Press to form sharp creases.

The arrows show where you should have 45 degree angles.

Step 5: Fold quilt on diagonal, right sides together. Align border strip raw edges, border seams at the ¼” backstitched point and creases. Pin in place. Stitch along crease, backstitching at ¼” border seam.

Step 6: Press seam open. With quilt right side up, align 45 degree angle line of a square ruler on the seam line to check accuracy. If corner is flat and square, trim excess fabric to ¼” seam allowance. If you don't have a 45 degree angle just unpick and start again.

VoilĂ ! Perfect mitred corners. Gorgeous!

It's nice having a tall husband - he comes in very handy!

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  1. Oooh, thank you for sharing this! How timely. I have a project where I need to mitre a border and had no clue whatsoever how to start!!


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